Disability Claims

Steel & Moss has helped rail employees with their disability claims for many years.

Occupational Disability

At any age, after 240 months of credible service or 120 months after age 60 if any or a combination of mental and physical health impairments prevent the employee from safely performing his/her highly safety-sensitive railroad occupation, he/she is most likely eligible.


60/30 Early Retirement

Contact a member of our team for help understanding any of these items.

A two-tier annuity after age 60 with 360 credible months service that qualifies your spouse at age 60 as well. Basic spouse annuity is 50% of employee’s Tier 1 and 45% of the Tier 2. However, there is a provision for the spouse to draw the greater of 100% of his/her social security if that amount exceeds 50% of the employee’s tier 1 and then draw the employee’s tier 2. It also has insurance attached to carry the employee to age 65/Medicare. If illness or injury forces you out a few months short of 360 credible months, there are options.


Our Results Prove It

The Locomotive Inspection Act (LIA) protects injured rail workers who are injured due to defective or unsafe conditions on a locomotive.

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Engineer injured his back in wreck while being transferred back to home terminal from train. Verdict returned for $5,500,000

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