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In discovery, the railroads aggressively seek information off of your Facebook page and other social medial sources. They look for any information that they can use against you, especially pictures, videos, and postings that are either embarrassing or that show you in a negative light. You should assume that eventually all information from your social media sources eventually will be disclosed, and if you share a page with your spouse, share this warning with them.


Chattanooga Office

Paul Wingo
Railroad Disability Claims and Benefits

Paul Wingo is the Director of Disability Claims and Benefits at Steel, Moss, LLP. Paul worked for Norfolk Southern Railroad for over 40 years as a Locomotive Engineer, serving in several elected positions as a Union Officer for 37 years. He retired as BLE&T National Vice-President with assignments at both Norfolk Southern and several Short Line Railroads in both the mid-west and the northeast where he assisted General Chairmen in negotiating working agreements and the first short term disability agreement at Norfolk Southern for the BLE&T. During those 37 years he represented hundreds of employees faced with disciplinary charges.


Parkersburg Office

Larry James
Research and Analysis

Larry James has served as Coordinator of Research and Analysis for the Steel and Moss Law Firm since January 2016. Larry is a retired 40 year plus BLET member and officer who has vast experience in all facets of locomotive operation and design, railroad and locomotive technology, electronics, air brakes, regulatory standards and many other areas that effect railroad employees daily lives.

His knowledge of operating rules, special instructions and operating procedures of modern railroad equipment governed under federal regulations applied to a case causes it to be seen in a different perspective.


Abbeville Office

Frankie Milford

Frankie Milford spent the better part of two decades in service to the BLET and its members. From June 2001 through December 2012, he served the members of Division 498 as Secretary-Treasurer. From September 2013 to October 2018, he served Division 498 as Local Chairman, having served as Vice Local Chairman from January 2006 through September 2013. From September 2015 through October 2018, he served as Secretary-Treasurer of the CSXT Eastern Lines General Committee of Adjustment.

For his Last Run on September 25, 2018, Brother Milford worked as locomotive engineer of a GP-38 road switcher (mother & slug) between Elberton, Ga., and Greenwood, S.C.


Atlanta, GA

John Steel, esq.
John Moss, esq.