Coordinator, Research and Analysis

Larry James



About Larry

Larry James is the Coordinator of Research and Analysis at Steel & Moss, LLP.

Larry James has served as Coordinator of Research and Analysis for the Steel and Moss Law Firm since January 2016. Larry is a retired 40 year plus BLET member and officer who has vast experience in all facets of locomotive operation and design, railroad and locomotive technology, electronics, air brakes, regulatory standards and many other areas that effect railroad employees daily lives.

His knowledge of operating rules, special instructions and operating procedures of modern railroad equipment governed under federal regulations applied to a case causes it to be seen in a different perspective.

Larry’s Commitment

No stones left unturned is my guarantee

When untimely accidents, injuries and tragic deaths occur, Larry utilizes his 45 years of railroad knowledge, networking and connections to make certain “no stone is left unturned’ to insure Steel and Moss clients receive maximum results.

Railroad employees and colleagues who know or have worked with Larry have witnessed first-hand his thoroughness and dedication to any position he holds. He has been a key player with his research and analysis making a difference in establishing liability in major cases. Larry looks forward to the toughest research and analysis challenges.