Director, Railroad Disability Claims and Benefits

Paul Wingo

Paul worked for Norfolk Southern for over 40 years as an Engineer, serving as a Union Officer for 37 years and retired as a BLE&T National Vice-President. In that capacity, he advised countless workers about their disability and insurance problems, and represented hundreds of railroad employees faced with disciplinary charges.


Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the Railroad industry! After fourteen years of providing a railroad disability benefits information and assistance service sponsored by Steel & Moss Law Firm, we have decided to do a bi-weekly blog on our website on the many eligibility variables included in the total benefits package. I have decided to start off with “Current Connection” and touch on some other eligibility factors that can cause you to permanently lose certain benefits, which we never want to experience, but it does.
About Paul

Paul Wingo is the Director of Disability Claims and Benefits at Steel & Moss, LLP.

Paul worked for Norfolk Southern Railroad for over 40 years as a Locomotive Engineer, serving in several elected positions as a Union Officer for 37 years. He retired as BLE&T National Vice-President with assignments at both Norfolk Southern and several Short Line Railroads in both the mid-west and the northeast where he assisted General Chairmen in negotiating working agreements and the first short term disability agreement at Norfolk Southern for the BLE&T. During those 37 years he represented hundreds of employees faced with disciplinary charges. Because of his passion to help railroad employees and their families in times of need when disabilities found them unable to work and support their families, Paul began to make valuable contacts with both the Railroad Retirement Board and the Health Care Providers administering the Railroad Employees National Health and Welfare Agreement. As a result, he acquired an invaluable knowledge of how to connect the railroad retirement benefits under the law with the insurance benefits under the union contract into one conversation in order to counsel on the best solution for any situation a railroad worker faces when illness or injury strikes.

At Steel & Moss Law Firm, Paul continues to help guide railroad workers with disability and benefits issues. His expertise in disability appeals, both in the reconsideration process and at RRB Disability Hearings, has resulted in many railroad employees obtaining the benefits they deserved but were initially denied. Many Local Chairmen call upon Paul to assist their members with benefits issues and he is always faithful to do so.

Paul’s Commitment

Good Benefits is my everyday mission

Paul is steadfast in his opinion that railroad employees have the best benefit package in the nation because of over 100 various eligibility options and the four unique parts making up the total railroad employees benefit package; occupational disability, 60/30 retirement, extended insurance for disabled and the F.E.L.A. injury law and is known to be the best at helping navigate all four when illness or injury strikes.

However, it’s Paul’s compassion, care and unwavering belief in the people he helps that makes him truly one of a kind. Hundreds of our clients, railroad employees and their spouses have written to us about how much Paul Wingo has helped them in their time of need.