Northeast Ohio BLET members host whistleblower and harrassment workshop

March 14, 20200

On March 14, BLET Division 607 (Cleveland, Ohio) and the Ohio State Legislature Board hosted a whistleblower and harassment workshop for all railroad workers in the Cleveland area. Approximately 71 attendees participated, representing 15 different BLET Divisions and numerous crafts from other railroad unions.

In addition to BLET members, other unions in attendance included the Unit­ed Steel Workers of America (CWRO Railroad), SMART Transportation Division (conductors and yardmasters), American Train Dispatchers Associa­tion, Brotherhood of Railroad Signal­ men, and American Federation of Gov­ernment Employees.

Members from the following BLET Divisions were in attendance: 3. 4. 34, 234, 260, 255, 292, 306, 447, 526, 607, 678, 757, 894, and 937. Also in attendance were officers of the Norfolk Southern-Northern lines/CF&E General Committee of Adjustment and the CSXT-Northern l.ines General Committee of Adjustment. Officers of the BLET Ohio State Legisla­tive Board and Pennsylvania State Leg­islative Board were also in attendance.

Representatives of the law firm Steel and Moss led the whistleblower portion of the workshop, focusing on the Federal Employers’ Liability Act, the whistle­ blower provisions of the Rail Safety Im­provement Act, and railroad technology in general. Cleveland-based attorney Betsy Rader led the workplace harassment portion of the workshop. With 30 years of legal experience, Rader is a specialist in protecting worker rights and has suc­cessfully litigated and resolved employment cases involving many types of dis­crimination.

It was a valuable learning experience for all involved. Those in attendance learned a great deal of valuable information for themselves, which they are now able to bring back to their Divisions, GCAs and SLBs and share with other members.

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