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January 20, 20211


Far too many railroad employees I talk with are losing out on Sickness Benefits due to delay in making the initial claim. There is a 7 day waiting period to apply but 5 days can satisfy the waiting period. However, RRB understands it takes time to obtain a claim form unless you file on line, then getting doctor appointment, have the statements of sickness completed, complete your portion and mail to Chicago. Therefore, 30 days from last day worked is tolerated as indicated on Block 21 of the Application. Good luck with an explanation if you exceed 30 days unless it is absolutely due to circumstances beyond your control. Once started, you will receive 10 days of benefits in each 14 day period when unable to work due to sickness or injury. Daily rate is currently $80.

A new Benefit Year begins each July 1. If you have exhausted benefits you may be able to start a new benefit year if you had earning in the previous year.

Unemployment benefits follow basically the same guidelines as sickness benefits. Both are funded by the Carrier. Unemployment benefits are subject to Federal Income Tax. Sickness benefits resulting from on-the-job injury are not taxable but will have to be paid back upon settlement of the injury. Neither are subject to state income tax.

RRB Telephone is 877-772-5772. Contact on line is RRB.GOV. Mailing address to submit application is: Railroad Retirement Board 844 North Rush Street, Chicago, IL 60611-2092

Hopefully, this blog will serve as a basic understanding and prevent benefit delays or losses.


Paul Wingo



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