Spousal Considerations

September 25, 20200

  • Basic spouse annuity is 50% of employee’s Tier 1 and 45% of the Tier 2. Basic amount of a Divorced Spouse annuity is 50% of the Tier 1 and zero Tier 2 unless a court order treats the Tier 2 as community property and awards the spouse a certain percentage determined by the court. If spouse’s social security is greater than 50% of employee’s Tier 1, spouse can draw her/his social security and employee’s Tier 2.
  • If the employee retires 60/30 and the spouse is age 60 and also eligible to retire but wants to work, spouse can continue to work and be eligible for a portion of the employee’s annuity.
  • If you retire 60/30, and your spouse is disabled (on social security) and eligible for Medicare but has been on your GA-23000 insurance while in active railroad service, once you are retired the spouse is ineligible for GA-46000 and must enroll in Medicare Part B rather than GA-46000.
  • Spouse is eligible for retirement annuity at any age with the retired employee if caring for employee’s dependent child.
  • Your spouse should know that widows between the ages of 50 and 59 could be eligible for a monthly annuity if disabled and unable to work. Without caring for dependent children it’s about the only option.

Paul Wingo


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