Veteran Recognition

November 9, 20200

Since beginning our informational Blogs on this website I think we have covered some important areas and disclosed some benefits many of you were not aware of. Just last week we pulled the old “Extension of Current Benefits” out of the archive for one of our clients whose spouse’s insurance coverage terminates 12/31/20 but she is being treated for a permanent condition at Vanderbilt and once the special form “Extension of Current Benefits” is submitted, coverage will continue. Also, failure to submit the Proof of Disability Form continues to be the Number 1 reason for insurance termination or temporary suspension. Some of you have not faxed in the earnings report of vacation pay received in 2020 which would add an additional year of insurance coverage for your dependents for 2021 and continue you through 2022.

However, November has rolled around again. The month for Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Veterans Day is here. We have plenty of Veterans from all branches of military service in the ranks of railroad employees as well as client’s and “friends of the firm” at Steel & Moss. Some never mention being a Veteran and never attempt to claim some significant benefits, but you can count on the former Marines mentioning it. Why is it the Marines, compared to the other services seem to be the most proud? Forty years after discharge the majority still have caps and bumper stickers declaring they are former Marines.

I was a Marine and I will happily celebrate and salute Veterans of all the branches of U.S. Military Service on Veterans Day. At Steel & Moss we are proud to be connected with all of you and proud of your children who served or are serving. John Steel’s Dad was actually at Iwo Jima and John Moss was a U.S. Army JAG Lawyer. I think the ultimate salute and appreciation comes from the person who tells a Vet that he never served in the military but I sincerely thank you for your service.

As benefits director at Steel & Moss my mind seems to go to “are there any special benefits for railroad employees and our clients who are veterans”? Yes indeed! Hearing aids, disability compensation and retiree prescription drugs and health care when insurance runs out are common examples Those who have any rating of service connected disability compensation and have retired on occupational disability might possibly take the RRB disability award letter and apply for VA “Unemployability” which could move their disability rating to 100%.

On November 11th we will be thinking of you at Steel & Moss. We do indeed, “Thank You for your service”!



Paul Wingo


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